Partnership Program

At MSR Distribution, we understand that a single partnership with the right company can have an incredible impact on the success of your business.  We want to be the right partner for your company and want to share in your success.  As such, MSR Distribution is proud to announce the PICK SIX partnership program. In this competitive market, it is imperative to align your company with others that share the same common core values, and work together toward a common goal – growing your company. We would be privileged to be a partner of yours, and share in your success.  With the understanding that partnership is a two way street, let us tell you what you can expect from us:

What you can expect from us:

1.       A Partnership Placement Package so you can have products and advertising available for your customers;

2.       Extended terms to help you sell the product with little or no upfront financial commitment;

3.       Sales support to assist in training your staff on the product; and

4.       Priority on all promotions, new products offered by MSR or additional non-Program products offered by MSR as well as Partnership promotions so you and your employees can be rewarded for your inevitable success.

Now, what would we expect from you:

1.       Input so that we can put together a Partnership Placement Package customized to your customers needs;

2.       A Partnership Pledge that you will provide prominent, highly visible space for product placement and a commitment from you and your employees that everyone will actively participate in our joint advertising efforts;

3.       Partnership support so you can easily get additional materials, products and training on the products your customers want; and

4.       One social media post per week featuring at least one of the products chosen for the program.

Rules of the Partnership Program:

·         Partnership payment terms so you can afford to have more products available for your customers ($500 due upon signing up for the program, ½ due in 60 days and balance due in 90 days) 

·         Pick any 2 pistols, and any 4 rifles from the selection page. These will be the “Display Models” which must remain in a prominent, highly visible location in your store; and

·         Sell one, BUY one to replace stock sold.

Initial Promotions:

·         Upon signing up for the Partnership Program, Dealers will be able to select up to 3 Molot products to be shipped with their Placement Package while supplies last.

·         Sell 12 units of certain models and get the 13th free.


Want to see the firearms you get to choose from? See our Pick Six Program file for a listing of available choices! Note that downloading this document does not grant you entry into the program!

Please call your sales rep for more information!

(702) 215-3606